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Индивидуальные курсы
для детей и взрослых
+7 (499) 350-37-85 перезвоните мне
пн-пт: с 10.00 до 19.00
сб-вс: с 12.00 до 18.00
г. Москва, Большая Дорогомиловская, 14
In The Nick Of Time
Друзья, хотите "волшебный пендаль" на английском?))) Приходите на Мотивационную сессию от Ника.
In The Nick Of Time If you are waiting for a sign – this is it. Get your mind straight this Saturday with Nickolay and his new “In the Nick Of Time” program. By the end of this session you will have learned the strangest secret in the world, how to apply it and achieve anything you wish. It’s a pre-party for connoisseurs, therapy for the wicked, and a blowtorch to your soul. You’ll laugh, cry, dance, communicate with your spirits, and leave in a cheery mood. If you decide to leave that is, because after “In The Nick Of Time” NSC is hosting a karaoke night and everyone is invited. Spread the word, spread the fun.
Nickolay Antonov, MSc-BA from Helsinki School of Economics, Finland; B.Com semester from Queens University, ON, Canada; English radio host for Voice of Russia; funny guy; loves sauna.
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