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Индивидуальные курсы
для детей и взрослых
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пн-пт: с 10.00 до 19.00
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Are you a teacher?

Native Speakers Club is the largest community of foreign language teachers in Moscow. Our main website is www.nsc24.org

We help all our teachers out by keeping them busy with a full schedule and providing them with highly motivated customers. If you are a professional foreign language teacher with free time in your schedule who’d like to earn more – We would be more than happy to welcome you to the Native Speakers Club community.

Here’s how to join us:

  • A coordinator will contact you after we get your request 
  • We will then invite you to an interview with a professional linguist who can check how professional you are, your experience, expertise and teaching skills.
  • We will also check your certification and other supporting documents that can help prove your experience and professional teaching skills.

Your email*

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After being accepted -

  • We will record your voice and take professional quality photos in order to make you a Profile on our website (example)
  • We will check your schedule and find out when you’re available and what areas you can teach in – as soon as you have updated your schedule on the nsc-teacher module
  • We will coordinate your schedule with potential customers
  • You can then start teaching immediately, as soon as the next day
  • We will regularly check and monitor your professionalism with your existing customers

Need more Details?

Contact our coordinator by calling +7 (499) 350-37-85, explain that you are a professional teacher and want to join our club, he (she) will explain all the details.

Our HR Department e-mail is hr@nsc24.org

Наши специалисты выяснят Ваши цели, предпочтения и как Вы лучше учитесь. Вместе выберем идеального преподавателя.